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Check which trails are open before your skiing trip! Keep track of what's open so you know when a bunch of new trails have opened! See which trails are fresh corduroy and what's left as powder or bumped up! is a project that began as a live updating trail map for the Sugarloaf ski resort in Carrabassett Valley, ME. However, is not affilliated with Sugarloaf or any other resort in any way.

Our purpose is to make that original map the best it can be, and to work toward including other ski resort maps for viewing. Our dream would be to someday become the premier destination for U.S. ski/snowboard trail information.

Please help us spread the word and share this site with your friends via the handy sharing buttons located in the sidebar!

Contact info is developed and maintained by Ted Pearson. You may contact him at You can also contact us by clicking on the "Feedback" button at the top of the page, and leaving a comment.

Data Sources

The map used by this site is Sunday River's official map available at their website. Data for open trails is retrieved from Sunday River's Trails & Lifts status page. Data is currently retrieved every 30 minutes, so you can be assured of up-to-date information.


Please note that requires a standards-compliant browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. Internet Explorer is currently only supported if Google Chrome Frame is installed.

The map works similarly to Google Maps. You can zoom with the controls in the upper left, or using the mouse wheel. Panning is acheived by dragging the map with the mouse.

Mouse over any trail to see the difficulty rating and trail name, as provided by Sunday River. You can change the view of open trails between seing the status of the open trail, or seeing their difficulty rating. You can also choose to view which lifts are operating or scheduled, or to see a list of all Sunday River's trails displayed by difficulty.

You can control the transparency of the trail overlays on the map by using the Opacity slider.


When printing, take care to make sure you actually print what you're expecting. It is recommended to use "Print Preview" before printing to see what will be printed. Note that for most browsers, it will print from the left side of the map to as much as will fit on the page. Move the map over if not everything you want is visible in the print preview.

It is also recommended to move the map around so that you have viewed all sections before printing, as tiles are not loaded until viewed in the browser and will not print correctly otherwise.